BelAmiOnline: Austin Merrick and Kevin Warhol

New model ‘Training’ at BelAmiOnline happens quickly and Austin Merrick is learning fast. His first fuck ever with another guy is this scene with Kevin Warhol. You can see the Austin takes to fucking boys like a fish to water. Once Austin met Kevin he knew that was the first boy he wanted to fuck! The chemistry with these 2 boys was amazing and Kevin the trainer will get an afternoon he will not soon forget!

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Videoboys: Jake Bass and Jason Martin

This is how Jake Bass operates. He sees a guy he likes and he gets what he wants. Jason Martin appeared on Jake’s radar a week or so before this Videoboys scene was shot. Rather than just up and ask them to arrange to shoot a scene with Jason, Jake went over their heads and contacted Jason himself to set up a “let’s get familiar” meeting which ended up at Jake’s house … two nights in a row!

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