Bentley Race: Axel Jackson and Ygor Malone

The hottest action scene Bentley Race got to shoot during his recent stay in Berlin was this scene between new mates Axel Jackson and Ygor Malone. Ben had only just recently met both guys separately, but knew they would be perfect together. When they met up together they hit it off immediately and Ben quickly got the camera rolling as the guys started kissing and fooling around. Ben wasn’t sure who was going to fuck who at first, then he saw Axel pushing his dick into Ygor’s arse. The look on Ygor’s face showed how much he was enjoying being ridden. And Axel was just getting started. He fucked his new mate from every angle possible! Eventually he pulled out and pumped out a huge load of cum all over Ygor’s bum. What a great way to start a new friendship!

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Bentley Race: Axel Pierce

Axel Pierce is one of the newest, and certainly one of the cutest, models over at Bentley Race. He’s 22yo and is from Poland. He met up with Ben recently in Berlin to do a solo jerk off shoot, but ended up getting fucked! Ben found Axel to be a really sweet young guy who was totally down for doing anything and everything! The moment Ben saw Axel’s perfect little round bum he was instantly hard and ready to jump in. With the right positioning of the cameras he managed to pull Axel on top of his cock so he slid right down on onto it in one smooth stroke … hot video!

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Bentley Race: Axel Jackson and Joe Bexter: Flip Flop Fuck

Axel Jackson is a seriously hot and lanky blond Austrian lad loves to show off in front of the camera. and he’s one of the horniest guys Bentley Race has ever met! When the two met up last month in Berlin Axel brought his mate Joe Bexter back to Ben’s hotel where they decided to make a horny video scene together. These guys are really into each other and Axel couldn’t wait to get Joe’s jeans off! Axel loves riding a big cock and couldn’t wait to let Joe ride his in return. Axel gets it from all angles from Joe and then he returns the favour by fucking Joe in a hot flip fuck! Don’t you just love guys who like to take turns?

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