Hot Dads Hot Lads: Brad Kalvo and Ian Levine

Scruffy muscle dad Brad Kalvo is in his hotel room reading when smooth, muscled lad and Hot Dads Hot Lads model-cum-housekeeper Ian Levine shows up with fresh towels. Brad asks the lad to massage his sore legs and Ian happily obliges. Things heat up quickly and it’s not long before dad and lad are making out. They stand and kiss as Brad undresses Ian. He goes down on Ian and deep throats his cock. Ian then blows Brad and slobs on his cock. They kiss on the couch and Brad turns the lad around to rim his sweet hole. Then Brad penetrates Ian with his daddy dick as they fuck doggy-style on the couch.

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Hot Dads Hot Lads: Brad Kalvo and Trelino

Coach Brad Kalvo and athlete Trelino just finished a tough practice session. Trelino emerges from the shower as the coach is getting undressed in the Hot Dads Hot Lads change rooms. Trelino asks his coach if his squats are making his butt muscles stronger. Brad squeezes Trelino’s thick arse cheeks and definitely feels improvement. Trelino “drops the towel” and Coach Kalvo goes down to eat Trelino’s waiting arse. Trelino moans as Brad spits and licks his hole. Coach Kalvo teases the young athlete, sliding his hard cock up and down the lad’s shaft before entering in one swift thrust …

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