Guys In Sweatpants: Brendan Phillips and Buck Richards and Austin Wilde: 3-way Fuck Fest

What’s better than a big cock? … 2 big cocks of course! And what better to do with them than give them to a willing power bottom like Brendan Phillips? Nearly every hole in this 3-way fuck fest from Guys In Sweatpants was filled with a cock at one time or another! At one point, Austin literally pulled Buck’s cock out of Brendan’s arse, and mounted him doggy style to fuck him senseless. Buck’s cock is so big, both Brendan and Austin used it as a handle while fucking him … which resulted in Austin blowing his entire load inside of him. This might be one of the hottest, straight-to-the-point fuck fest videos ever posted on the site thus far. Definitely make sure you watch Buck’s reaction as he’s completely overwhelmed when Austin dumps his load inside him!

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Southern Strokes: Buck and Austin

This scene was filmed some time ago, and Austin had just done a solo for Southern Strokes, and he was popular with the members, so they thought it’d be nice to film his first guy on guy experience. They paired him up with Buck, who immediately wanted all the attention, which suited Austin fine, because he was obviously nervous as fuck. It took a while for these two to get things going, but Buck eventually broke the ice when he grabbed Austin’s hard cock and guided it into his wet mouth. You can see Austin thinking about sucking Buck’s cock back, but it took a while for him to work up the courage. The lads teased other for what seemed like forever before Buck finally demanded that Austin shove his cock in his arse. Austin wasn’t gonna let Buck down, so he bent him over and fucked him good and hard!

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Southern Strokes: Evan and Buck and Preston

This scene from Southern Strokes was not only Evan’s baptism into gay porn, but it was Evan’s first time fucking another guy. Evan started fucking Preston as Buck worked on Preston’s cock. Buck’s arse was nice and ready for some cock so the boys pulled a train with Preston sandwiched in the middle. Next thing you know Buck wants to fuck. This was one of the few times Buck tops on film. After about 3 hours of fucking, the boys end the session by giving Buck a nice cum bath.

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