Southern Strokes: Genesis and Cash

This whole pairing started about a week or so ago when Cash sent the Southern Strokes Producers a text saying that he ready to get fucked … they immediately told him to head up to the Ranch and that they would hook him up with someone special. The Producers next call was to Genesis, knowing that his big cock would look great going deep into Cash’s sweet little virgin hole … the guys traded sloppy blow job until Cash was dripping with pre-cum and his hole was ready to feel Genesis’ manhood. Cash crawled up on all fours so that Genesis could make a meal out of that tight hole. Then Genesis climbed up on the bed with him and slowly stuck his thick cock into Cash’s juicy arse …

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Southern Strokes: JC and Cash

JC had made a few trips out to the Southern Strokes Ranch this last few months and everyone agreed that it was time for JC to get that arse of his tapped … and the newest ranch hand, Cash, was the lucky guy to do the honours. It had been over a year since JC had had a cock in his arse, so he actually got himself a little worked up before things got rolling … but once he got a look a Cash’s big cock, he was ready to get the action started. Cash wasn’t nervous at all, in fact he was looking forward to his first on camera fucking!

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