Jake Cruise: CJ Madison and Joey Cooper

CJ Madison and Joey Cooper make a hot dad and lad pair; the rugged, scruffy CJ and the smooth, young Joey. Bring them together and you’ve got yourself a scorching scene here at Jake Cruise today! CJ and Joey kiss passionately on the bed. Soon Joey’s tongue moves from CJ’s mouth to his nipples and then to his arm pits. CJ whips out his thick cock for young Joey to lather up with spit. In seconds Joey has his throbbing cock hitting the back of his throat. The passion between these two is through the roof. After a few minutes CJ scoops Joey up as if he were carrying him. They’re still lying on the bed and his cock is deep in Joey’s arse.

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Southern Strokes: JC and Cash

JC had made a few trips out to the Southern Strokes Ranch this last few months and everyone agreed that it was time for JC to get that arse of his tapped … and the newest ranch hand, Cash, was the lucky guy to do the honours. It had been over a year since JC had had a cock in his arse, so he actually got himself a little worked up before things got rolling … but once he got a look a Cash’s big cock, he was ready to get the action started. Cash wasn’t nervous at all, in fact he was looking forward to his first on camera fucking!

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