Southern Strokes: Haigan and Cole

You better have a towel near by before you settle in to watch Haigan and Cole from Southern Strokes get it on together. These two Southern Steers were horned up for each other as they fucked like only two real country boys could know how. Cole is a big boy which only made Haigan want him more. We all know that Haigan loves to fuck but who knew how much he loves tossing salad. Haigan worked his tongue in and out of Cole’s hole as Cole squirmed on the couch. The deeper Haigan’s tongue penetrated Cole’s ass, the more they both went wild. Cole was begging to have Haigan inside him so Haigan lubed up Cole’s hole with a spit and then slowly teased him with his uncut cock. Cole was ready to be taken and he let Haigan know it by bucking his hips and forcing Haigan’s throbbing cock to go deeper and deeper inside him. Haigan fuck Cole in every position imaginable until both studs were ready to burst.

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Next Door Buddies: Cole Christiansen and Markie More and Steven: Wedding Jitters

For Markie More, the big day is here … the first day of the rest of his life. As he dresses nervously for his wedding, something seems amiss. Perhaps it’s just the standard wedding jitters, or maybe it’s something more. As his groomsmen, fellow Next Door Buddies models Cole Christiansen and Steven, come to grab him to go, they can sense something is not quite right, and so they sit him down to hash it out with him, and that’s when Markie drops a secret on them. Turns out he’s having second thoughts because he can’t stop thinking of a liaison back in college with a couple of guys. He tells them he’s been having dreams about getting fucked by a guy, and he’s not sure he wants to get married after all. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Cole and Steven decide to help out their best friend …

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Southern Strokes: Cole and Logan: Snow Balling

Cole arrived at the Southern Strokes Ranch late one Friday night and within the hour he and Logan, who arrived earlier, were tongue fucking each other’s throats … the camera crew had to pry them apart long enuff to get the cameras rolling! … The two boys stood up and started kissing each other as they pressed hard against each other’s cocks. Then Logan dropped to his knees and took Cole’s huge member into his eager wet mouth. Logan worshiped Cole’s cock for a bit until Cole was ready to check out his upcoming conquest. Logan bent over the fire place and arched his back so that Cole could admire his muscle ass. Cole spread Logan’s cheeks and then slowly played with Logan’s moist hole inserting his tongue deep and fingers even deeper. Cole ate Logan’s ass until Logan was worked up to a frenzy and begging Cole to mount him. Cole slowly teased Logan’s hole again only this time with his swollen mushroom head. Cole slowly moved his cock in and out of Logan’s expanding hole. Things just got hotter … .and they even swapped positions for a flip fuck!

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Southern Strokes: Workshop Fuck: Behind The Scenes

The Southern Strokes camera’s captured some great moments during the filming of their recent Workshop Fuck with Haigan, Cole, Logan and Joey. So today they are bringing some raw footage which will give you a real look at the boys as well as their filming style. Like all of their shoots, they simply put the naked bodies in front of the camera and then let the models take it where they want to go.

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