Southern Strokes: Colt and Carson

Carson loves being naked outdoors. It was hot summer afternoon but there was a nice breeze so the Southern Strokes crew picked a cool spot in the shade so that Carson could take a whipping from their new boy Colt McGraw. Carson did exactly that! He serviced and worshiped Colt’s chiselled torso and worked his way down to Colt’s big cut cock. After sucking Colt hard, Carson bent over so that he could take it like a man. You will be amazed at how deep Colt was able to thrust his cock as the bent over Carson moaned with pleasure. Carson even climbed up on the fence so that he could ride our Colt. Both studs finished off this hot day on the Ranch by dumping huge loads of thick cum bringing a new meaning to whitewash.

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Colt Studio Group: Gregory Luck and Jimmy Slavich

Taking a break in the stairwell, two horny young workmen Gregory Luck and Jimmy Slavich break away from it all to get better acquainted. Some intimate kissing and heavy petting gets these two muscled guys really worked up and rock hard for each other; unleashing their swollen uncut cocks for some mutual suck-‘n-slurp action in front of the Colt Studio Group cameras. Then it’s not long before long Jimmy is taking a hard pounding from behind as Gregory drills his thick tool deep inside his tight love tunnel!

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Man Royale: Kip and Colt Rivers: Fuck A Porn Star: Part 3

The hot young Kip has always wanted to fuck a real-life porn-star and today Man Royale gives him his wish-cum-true! He meets up with Colt Rivers, who likes what he sees too, and before long the guys are getting well-acquainted … stripping each other naked, giving each other some nice cock sucking, and then the main event …. Kip fucks the life out of that tight hole between Colt’s gorgeous butt cheeks!

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