CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Connor Maguire: Flip Fuck

Jake Bass is back at CockyBoys and this time he’s bringing fresh meat with him. Meet Connor Maguire – God’s gift to gay men. Conner is THE definition of “adorable muscle cub” … and you simply won’t be able to take your eyes (or hands when dreaming) off of him. With a solid muscular body, a smile that lights up the room, a rock hard massive cock, and a bubble butt, Connor is just trouble waiting to happen. And we all know Jake – he just loves to get into trouble … which is what happens here today … trouble in the form of a super-hot flip flop fuck … check it out!

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CockyBoys: Connor Maguire and Levi Karter

It was a beautiful summer day recently in New York where Conner and Levi were anxious to meet each other and make a few memories, both for themselves and the CockyBoys members! Connor is the type of guy that usually goes for smaller guys, so Levi was just perfect for him. They went canoeing and romancing by the lake. It was only natural that at one point Connor’s skimpy shorts came off and Levi embarked upon a journey that would once again re-affirm his status as a power bottom!

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Falcon Studios: Connor Maguire and Jackson Taylor: Rub Me Right

Connor Maguire assumes the role of top man in this sultry bedroom encounter with dick-hungry Jackson Taylor from Falcon Studios. Jackson is smooth and slim, with perfect hair and nice round arse cheeks, and is soon on his knees sucking the fat-shafted uncut cock of Connor … who soon notices Jackson’s wide doe eyes looking up ready for the main event … this monster cock right up his tight little arsehole!

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