Dominic Ford: James Key and Dakota Wolfe: Fire Island: Staff House

In this instalment of Fire Island: Staff House from Dominic Ford, we finally meet James Key, a new model exclusive to the site. He has a killer body and a huge cock. James and Brandon Moore have been living in the staff housing on Fire Island all summer and seeing how many guys they can fuck. In this episode, James gets lucky with Dakota Wolfe, who has come to audition for the piano bar in the Pines. They flip fuck and take turns pleasuring each other’s holes.

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Hot Dads Hot Lads: Shay Michaels and Dakota Wolfe

Scruffy dad Shay Michaels and cute lad Dakota Wolfe make-out for the Hot Dads Hot Lads cameras. Dakota can feel Shay’s boner through his jeans and the shirts come off in seconds! Dakota kisses Shay’s muscular and hairy body all over, paying special attention to his hot pits. Shay fingers and rims the lad’s tight hole plunging his daddy dick inside the lad’s wet hole. They fuck doggy-style on the couch and Dakota moans as he’s pounded … hot fuck!

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