Menatplay: Dani Robles and Xavi Garcia: Upfront Payment

Clean-shaven professor Dani Robles works at an audio-visual design school, where Menatplay model Xavi Garcia stops in for some information for his son. After a tour of the school, in a conference room, the two men discuss admissions terms – including a discount with full upfront payment. However, Xavi isn’t hooked with the discount offer but his visibly hard cock lets Dani know exactly what he is interested in.

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Menatplay: Matthew Anders and Dani Robles: Gents

Matthew Anders may look like the prim and proper, impeccable business man on the outside, but there’s nothing more that he likes than a bit of urinal stroking action. Today for Menatplay, Matthew is on a mission to find some cock and he ventures underground to a popular public men’s room to get his rocks off. But the blond hunk hasn’t gone un-noticed; Dani Robles is on the hunt too and spots Matthew following him downstairs to find him dick-out at the urinal just waiting to be sucked off. The men both get instantly hard, watching each-other piss and jerk off, and Dani’s mouth is watering at the thought of going down on Matthew and sucking on his delicious uncut dick. But that’s not nearly enough for Matthew, as he bends Dani over the washbasin, rimming his tight hole, before literally fucking the cum out of him.

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