UK Naked Men: Daniel Broughton and Theo Reid

UK Naked Men hottie Daniel Broughton enjoys a hot soak in the tub, lathering up his nubile body and, of course, playing with his juicy, uncut cock. But when he stops the dripping tap by jamming his toe in there, he’s well and truly wedged and has to call a plumber to come and free him. When, smooth, hung and hunky Theo Reid arrives, how can he resist the stunning, already aroused Daniel, lying prone in the bath, naked, squeaky clean and ready for action!

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UK Naked Men: Darius Ferdynand and Daniel James

Banged up, bored and horny, UK Naked Men hunks Darius Ferdynand and Daniel James only have the bars separating them … but with a long, thick, uncut dick like Daniel James’s – that’s not distance enough! The masculine and beautiful Darius sucks that massive member but we all know what he really wants is to be swinging off the bars pushing back on that dick as his hole stretches and ripples around it, feeling it entering his hot body, past the first sphincter and well into the second …

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Sean Cody: Daniel and Tanner: Bareback

When Daniel and Tanner met for the first time at the Sean Cody studios, it was as if they have both been longing for this moment … quite literally a match made in heaven! “I’ve been waiting for this for a while!” Daniel looked eager as he touched his rapidly hardening cock. After some chit chat, they were ready to get started, and Tanner took Daniel’s hand to lead him back inside the house, but Daniel wanted him right there and then, and pulled him back and kissed him intensely. That was the instant that everyone knew that this was going to be a great fuck … and it surely was!

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