Menatplay: Tomas Brand and Dean Monroe: Cockfight

Cocky Estate Agents (aka Realtors in the US), strutting around in their flashy suits, pecs puffed out, thinking they own the place, it’s a recipe for that man we love to hate, but hate to admit we actually find him totally hot and masculine. Throw two of them inside a confined environment, mix in a heated dispute and their alpha male pride brews up into a total CockFight! Swedish hunk Tomas Brand squares up with Dean Monroe in the Menatplay Estate Agent office when Tomas steals one of Dean’s clients, and when Dean won’t calm down, the cocks come out!

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Sean Cody: Jasper and Dean: Bareback

Jasper shot the Sean Cody producers a message a few weeks ago saying he wanted to come back to get fucked by Dean specifically. They were happy to oblige, and when the time came the film crew asked him … “What makes you like Dean?” and he replied “He’s hot as fuck! Who wouldn’t want to get fucked by him?”! Jasper definitely has come out of his shell since his first time … “I was a little more shy back then, but once I get more comfortable I’m able to open up and have a little more fun.” Once Dean and Jasper got together, it was easy to see how horned up Jasper was, especially once he got Dean’s cock in his mouth.

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