CockyBoys: Dillon Rossi Fucks Max Carter

Dillon Rossi hasn’t fucked a guy in a while, so he was eager to put that thick cock of his to use again! He’s one of the most sexually versatile guys at CockyBoys, but there’s something special about him when he’s the top. With his modest, attractive personality, it’s extremely hot to see him suddenly take control and dominate another guy. And blonde twink Max Carter seemed to be the perfect bottom boy for Dillon. They’re both very different, yet their bodies complement each other so very well. No matter what position they were in … Max on top … doggy style … spooning … Dillon and Max really fit together like peas in a pod!

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CockyBoys: Dillon Rossi and Jasper Robinson: Flip Fuck

Dillon Rossi and Jasper Robinson are the perfect pairing for quite a few reasons. Physically, they’re both tall, thin, have dark eyes and hair, and big cocks. And mentally, they’re both very charming, laid back, and have had quite a few sexual experiences in public places. So naturally, they were both excited to go outdoors for their first sexual encounter together with CockyBoys. The Spring setting made for an extremely romantic setup, and the chemistry they had together was so good that they both shared equal time sucking and getting sucked and topping and bottoming each other. There’s nothing hotter than two versatile guys exploring all sexual roles with each other, and Dillon and Jasper were exactly that!

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CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Dillon Rossi

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon and CockyBoys Dillon Rossi and Jake Bass have been hanging out all weekend. The sexual tension between these two was building up by the minute and it was obvious where this was going. And it wasn’t long before the guys were ready for some quiet time in the hammock. Inevitably, someone’s cock was bound to get sucked and Dillon’s was first in line. Jake already admitted that he’s very much attracted to Dillon’s giant cock so it’s no surprise he goes down on it to the base with no hesitation! Then Dillon sucks Jake in the hammock … it’s like they just can’t keep their hands off of each other and it’s not long before Jake bends over and finally lets Dillon shove his massive meat balls deep up his tight little butt!

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