Videoboys: Jo Diamond and Dominic Couture

This new scene at Videoboys was Dominic’s chance to get Jo into an environment where he could spread out and really enjoy Jo’s big cock the way he has been dreaming of, ever since a previous rushed, cramped experience in an apartment bathroom. And both these guys took advantage of this comfy setting to really explore all their senses, especially taste and touch. Dominic took the time to explore that beautiful, fat cock and Jo savoured every moment of Dominic’s smooth, sweet arse!

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Videoboys: Dominic Couture and Jimmy Little: The Balcony Scene

“Why is my best sex always with guys who have girlfriends?” That’s what Dominic Couture had to say after he finished getting fucked by Jimmy Little in this scene from Videoboys … Yes, Jimmy does have a girlfriend now, but that just makes him all the more excited to get a little variety into his sex life. And he seems particularly interested in Dominic’s little bubble butt … check them out!

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Videoboys: Dominic Couture and Tyler Rivers: Young Love Revisited

Dominic and Tyler met years ago at high school, but inexperience and shyness meant that although the slightly older Dominic fucked Tyler once or twice, young Tyler never returned the favour at the time … but when they met by chance recently at a club they were both anxious to get back together to see how sex could be now that they were more experienced and both men of the world. Both guys have learned a few tricks in their time and in this hot scene from Videoboys Dominic put his oral skills to use right away and Tyler proved to be an enthusiastic rimmer. And this time around Tyler got a chance to take his revenge on Dominic for taking his virginity by pounding Dominic hard right off the bat. But it wasn’t long before Tyler felt the urge to re-try Dominic’s big dick and so he sat down on it and rode it like never before.

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Videoboys: Axel Ducharme and Dominic Couture: Carpe Diem

“Carpe Diem” says the tattoo on Axel Ducharme’s hand … Seize the Day! And that’s exactly what he did. Axel is straight … well, most of his sex is with girls, but he’s done some experimenting with guys and seems to be at least a bit curious. What would you call that? Montreal straight? Well anyway, this scene with Dominic Couture, and filmed by Videoboys, was Axel’s chance to explore a bit more of that gay side and he wasn’t about to let it pass without trying everything he could think of just to know if it felt good … nice flip flop fuck!

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