Blake Mason: Drew Preston and Shayne Thames

Drew Preston and Shayne Thames get things started in this video from Blake Mason with some deep kissing. As they kneel on the bed, kissing and stripping down, Drew goes in for a taste of Shayne’s throbbing cock. Once Shayne gets the new guy out of his clothes, he returns the favour and sucks down Drew’s dick. The two swap oral back and forth, and even hop into a quick sixty-nine session, before they get down to fucking. Drew is on all fours as Shayne eases his cock up his ass. The ginger stud fucks Drew doggy-style before turning him over to really give it to him in missionary. Towards the end of the scene, they end up spooning as Shayne fucks Drew sideways. That position must be hitting all the right spots, because Drew starts to jack off as he gets closer to cumming. He shoots his load with a cock in his ass before Shayne pulls out and wanks until he cums.

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Jake Cruise: Jake and Drew Cutler

It isn’t often that Jake from Jake Cruise gets so caught up in kissing and groping a guy that he forgets that the camera’s rolling. But that’s what almost happened with Drew Cutler at the beginning of this video. Drew tends to be more wild than mild and that suited Jake’s mood perfectly. Drew’s cock is about as perfect as a cock gets. It’s straight, long, and thick and Jake came so very close to swallowing the whole rod. With Drew standing up naked, Jake was on his knees stroking and sucking until they moved the action up to the bed. They went balls out, as the saying goes, with intense 69-ing before Jake gave Drew a 5-star rim job. Drew wanted to fuck Jake and Jake admitted afterwards that it was hard (pun intended) to take his dick up his ass but, as the saying goes, no pain no gain. After cleaning up all that cum, he says he’d gladly do it all over again!

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Hot Dads Hot Lads: Jaxon Ryder and Drew Sebastian

Hung Dad Drew Sebastian and Hot Lad Jaxon Ryder make out in the living room in front of the Hot Dads Hot Lads cameras. The shirts come off and Jaxon sucks Drew’s massive cock. Drew cockslaps the lad’s tongue and Jaxon struggles to fit the giant rod in his mouth. They kiss and get fully undressed. Next Drew blows Jaxon’s uncut cock, playing with the lad’s foreskin. They relax on the couch and kiss as they stroke their cocks. Drew then happily deep throats Jaxon’s stiff dick and then eats his tight arsehole. Soon tho, Jaxon is sliding his cock into Drew’s hairy man hole as they fuck doggy-style on the couch!

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