CockyBoys: Cameron and Duncan Black

Meet Cameron and Duncan Black, two new CockyBoys with a whole lot of attitude and some seriously sexy bods. This scene marks Cameron’s very first foray into porn, but you’d never know that from his outgoing personality, his ripped physique, and his big dick! The camera crew thought they’d pair Cameron with a porn veteran for his first time fucking on camera, and brought in Duncan (one of the most aggressive bottoms in the business!) to pop his porn cherry. Don’t let Duncan’s quiet demeanour and puppy dog eyes fool you … he knows what he’s doing and he has a huge appetite for sex!

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Dominic Ford: Topher DiMaggio Fucks Duncan Black

The minute Topher met Duncan (they both stayed with Dominic Ford at his place the night before the shoot) the sparks were flying. Dominic literally could not keep them apart. They promised him they wouldn’t sleep together before their scene, but they certainly kissed a lot and cuddled all night. In the morning they were so excited to finally get to fuck each other. This scene is incredible and shows how hot it is when two guys want each other so badly they can’t wait any longer to finally do it!

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