Lucas Kazan: Gennaro Grimaldi and Erik Lenn

Tall, slender Gennaro drills muscular Erik: both are tall (over 6 feet), both are hung (over 8 inches), these two couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. Gennaro identifies himself as straight but has zero hang-ups … he’d fuck anyone and anything. Erik is gay and 100% versatile, but Lucas Kazan suspects he’s more into bottoming. Just watch him devour Gennaro’s cock with both holes …. mouth and arse!

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Southern Strokes: Carson and Erik

It was time to break in another first timer, so the Southern Strokes producer called in Carson to help bring this newbie along. This was Erik’s first time playing with another boy and man did it show. Erik was such a nervous wreck that he could barely speak, so they just turned Carson loose on him. Everyone thought Erik might turn tail and run but Carson was having none of that. Carson stripped down to his skivvies and then he turned his attention to Erik’s worked out body. Carson stood Erik up and first removed his shirt. Carson explored Erik’s pecs with his lizard tongue teasing his nipples and the working his way down to Erik’s fat package. The boys fucked for quite a while before Carson gave the cameraman a heads up that he needed to explode. Exploding is exactly what Carson did … everywhere … he shot a stream of fun all over Erik’s chest and more importantly all over Carson’s waiting face.

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Falcon Studios: Body Shop

Trenton Ducati sneaks off into the Falcon Studios supply room and starts jacking off. But this hiding space isn’t much of a secret because Erik Rhodes makes his way back there too with the same release in mind. Catching each other with their matching hard-ons, the big-muscled, studly giants crash into one another’s embrace sucking face and then sucking cock. Meanwhile, down in the shop, Marc Dylan can’t keep his eyes off Landon Conrad’s hunky body. Marc is so distracted that he has to unzip his co-worker’s pants, pull out Landon’s thick cock and gobble it down. Landon returns the favour and nurses on Marc’s dick. Then with Marc standing on a hydraulic jack and elevated, Landon rims his ass. Having primed his manhole, Landon fucks Marc, working feverishly until one after the other they shoot their loads. But before Marc and Landon can catch their breath, Trenton and Erik come in from the supply closet and continue the ass assault on Marc who quickly surprises everyone with a second spray of jizz.

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