UK Naked Men: Fabio Lopez and Delta Kobra

New UK Naked Men model Fabio Lopez’s plan worked out perfectly. He has a new life in a new country and a new “little toy” of his own, in the shape of Delta Kobra. They spend their mornings in the pool and when it gets too hot, they go indoors and fuck all afternoon. Fabio’s smooth, tight hole just can’t get enough of Delta’s thick uncut cock. He relishes the bulk of Delta’s hairy, muscled torso slamming against his smooth body as Delta’s cock thrust deeper and faster until they both explode, clinging, shuddering and satiated. THIS is the life he’s always wanted.

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UK Naked Men: Tony Thorn and Fabio Lopez

Fabio meets Tony at the arranged time by UK Naked Men … he’s wanted Tony’s big paws all over him for months and realising this is his big chance, he makes his move. Tony’s soon devouring Fabio’s cock, and soon after is pushing his own into his smooth, peachy arse with rough thrusts, fucking the breath out of Fabio. Beauty and the beast? Not exactly, as Tony’s a stunningly handsome guy, but the contrast between hairy and smooth, muscled and youthful, rough and smooth makes this coupling all the more powerful.

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