English Lads: Mr Gay UK 2007 Fucks Justin

After winning Mr Gay UK in 2007 Dan Broughton has been counting down the days til he could do some porn; For his first porn shoot with English Lads it is obvious he is just as good doing porn as he has been doing all his other modelling post winning the competition. So who better to ease him into a little fun than Justin; the two lads kiss through a real teasy and sensual start as they strip each other down to their briefs and rub their ever growing hard-ons. Briefs come off, uncut cocks flops around, get sucked and wanked and before long Justin is sliding a condom onto Dan and sitting down …

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ChaosMen: Aubrey and West: Raw

When real-life boyfriends Aubrey and West indicated that they wanted to do porn, they originally were down for mixing things up. But after thinking it thru and talking about it with ChaosMen, they ended up deciding they only wanted to do a full sex video together. Oral videos with other guys would be fine, but for now, just the two of them would have sex together. West is typically the more dominant partner, and you can tell Aubrey just loves to service and get used by his handsome boyfriend!

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Hard Brit Lads: Simon Layton and Dan Jensen

Hugely muscular sexy bodybuilder Simon Layton, and cute tattooed skinhead lad Dan Jensen, have a rough, tough, hot and horny sleazy session together at Hard Brit Lads … with face fucking, foreskin action and deep sucking. Then Simon literally rips a hole in the arse of Dan’s jeans, fingers him deep with 2 fingers and then pounds him intensely, before the tables are turned about and he takes a pounding himself!

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