Southern Strokes: Genesis and Seth Knight

Southern Strokes haven’t seen Genesis at the Ranch for a while, so everyone’s mouth was watering when he showed having put on some muscle since the last visit, even Seth noticed that the normally skinny ranch hand was looking sweeter than usual. The cameraman agreed to sit back and let these two do what ever they wanted today and sure enuff, Seth immediately took control of Genesis … and of the shoot. Seth pushed Genesis back into the chair and grabbed his hard dick and worked it with his mouth. Genesis wanted a taste of Seth’s sweet hole before he stuffed it, so he ate Seth’s arse until they both couldn’t hold off any longer. These boys needed to fuck!

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Southern Strokes: Genesis and Cash

This whole pairing started about a week or so ago when Cash sent the Southern Strokes Producers a text saying that he ready to get fucked … they immediately told him to head up to the Ranch and that they would hook him up with someone special. The Producers next call was to Genesis, knowing that his big cock would look great going deep into Cash’s sweet little virgin hole … the guys traded sloppy blow job until Cash was dripping with pre-cum and his hole was ready to feel Genesis’ manhood. Cash crawled up on all fours so that Genesis could make a meal out of that tight hole. Then Genesis climbed up on the bed with him and slowly stuck his thick cock into Cash’s juicy arse …

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Southern Strokes: Clark Fucks Genesis

Clark and Genesis were both recently visiting at the Southern Strokes Ranch so the camera crew seized the opportunity to let Clark fuck his first man hole. Clark was obviously looking forward to taking Genesis’s hot arse so they stopped talking and let the boys go at it. Genesis grabbed Clark by the back of the head and pulled him in tight so they could lock lips. Genesis moved his lips down to Clark’s neck as he dropped to his knees and work his way down Clark’s beefy torso. Clark wanted a taste of Genesis’s cock too, so he pushed Genesis on his back and grabbed the shaft of his cock before his mouth swallowed Genesis rod. Genesis couldn’t wait any longer for Clark’s cock to puncture his moist manhole, so Genesis got up on all fours so Clark could mount him. Clark pounded Genesis in every position they could think of before Genesis just ad to explode. With his legs spread open wide and Clark drilling for oil, Genesis exploded with a huge stream of fuck juice. Clark followed by jerking out a nice load of his own all over Genesis’s cum drenched abs …

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Southern Strokes: Genesis and Tony Newport

It was a beautiful Texas afternoon out at the Southern Strokes ranch and the boys wanted to fuck out in one of the pastures … after a bit of 69-ing, Genesis’s cock was throbbing and demanding entry into Tony’s hole. Tony climbed up on top and slowly swallowed Genesis’ cock with his hole. It wasn’t long before Tony was bucking like a bronco and taking Genesis’s cock deep inside. This was about the time they forgot that they were on camera and they fucked in every imaginable position before they both drained their cocks of their man seed.

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