Blake Mason: Jafar Azeezi and Zac Johnson

Handsome Blake Mason model Zac couldn’t wait to meet the new dude Jafar, and it’s easy to see why. If you love handsome guys with hairy bods and big cocks then he’s perfect. He’s all about taking control and really leading, Zac isn’t complaining about that once he starts sucking on that thick and long cock. He really feasts on that 8-inch dick, gobbling Jafar deep before the two get into a 69 and Zac gets his arse licked out. Soon enough Jafar is filling his hole and fucking him from behind, then pinning him down to the bed for an even tighter thrusting!

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Men of UK: Paul Walker and Mike de Marko: A Royal Fuck Fest: Part 2

Men of UK model Paul Walker has returned to porn and in this sexy fantasy he plays a royal prince who is frustrated as his princess is neglecting him … sexually! But luckily for him, one of his royal servants knows just how to take a throbbing royal dick. When the princess shows up unexpectedly, the prince is caught red-handed (or is that red-cocked?) with his big erect dick deep in his servant’s mouth. He tries desperately to keep his composure as he get sucked with his princess only steps away. When she leaves, he throws caution to the wind and gives his new fuck-buddy’s hole a right royal servicing!

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CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Tony Milan

Jake Bass and Tony Milan come from completely different places and speak different languages, so they had a lot to talk about when they first met up at the CockyBoys studio in Montreal. Brazilian-born Tony had never been to Canada, so Jake had a good time explaining the facts and the myths about his culture. Likewise, Jake had never been to Brazil so he asked Tony to teach him some Portuguese. The first thing he asked to learn how to say was …? “I do porn.” The language lessons were a good introduction into the real reason they were there. Tony was eager to put that amazing arse of his to use on Jake’s cock, and Jake was equally ready to give it to him. Two very different guys, but both extremely hot in their own unique way!

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