Blake Mason: Aaron Aurora and Janusz Gol

It’s hard to believe that Janusz Gol started out as a straight guy with no experience of cock. The Blake Mason team given him one hell of an education since his first jerk off, and now he’s one of the guys educating the gorgeous new boys too! Aaron Aurora has already has his tight little twink ass stretched on video by the hung lad Damian Harrison, but Janusz is so desperate for that fuck hole he doesn’t even have time to take his jeans off! Check out the cum loads these guys deliver!

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Hot Dads Hot Lads: Cameron Jacobs and Jake Jennings: Flip Fuck

Cute lad Cameron Jacobs makes out passionately with daddy Jake Jennings in front of the Hot Dads Hot Lads cameras. Cameron quickly gets on his knees and helps Jake take off his briefs before deep throating his cock. Jake moans with excitement as Cameron pleasures him. Jake takes off Cameron briefs before laying him on all fours on the couch, revealing his great arse. Jake eats Cameron’s hole … priming it before planting his big dick inside. Jake stuffs his thick 7 1/2 inch cock up Cameron’s tight young butt hole doggy-style. He then flips Cameron over and pounds away while Cameron strokes his own pole. Then it’s Cameron turn to fuck … so he bends Jake over on the couch and rams his experienced hole with his young cock. Cameron gets into it, pulling daddy’s hair and smacking his butt cheeks roughly.

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