Butch Dixon: Harley Everett and Ben Statham

Ben Statham and Harley Everett are getting cosy in the Butch Dixon studio … the pair are getting so tender that Harley even offers to massage Ben’s tired muscles after a hard workout. Ben’s eager to feel the healing touch of the tattooed hulk and he moans softly as Harley gives him a sensual oil rubdown. But Harley’s ultimately a purely sexual beast and, after about 2 minutes of massage, he’s fingering Ben’s arsehole and getting ready to tongue him out. Ben’s brief flirtation with romance slips away, but the feeling of Harley rimming out his hole more than makes up for the tender intangibles. Soon the rough and tumble muscle men are sucking cock and probing holes … Harley’s thick, uncut member is pulsating and he’s going all in on this scene. No cover, he’s going to fuck Ben’s hot hole bareback and Ben loves it!

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Hard Brit Lads: Carl Ross and Harley James

When a boyish young lad (Harley James) finds a quiet spot in the woods to wank over a porn mag, he gets more than he expected … like a big rugby bloke (Carl Ross) out jogging, who himself also stops for a breather and a quick wank! The young lad sees him and watches him wanking whilst playing with himself until the rugby bloke spots him too. The older man’s none too pleased about being perved over so he confronts the lad and gets him on his knees to suck the rugby bloke’s huge thick cock before getting a serious fucking against a tree. Then it’s even more fucking, down in the dirt! Guess the horned up, pervy lad was asking for it and the Hard Brit Lads crew were there too … hidden behind another tree and managed to film it all!

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