Blake Mason: James Pershaw and Jace Tyler

James may be a little tentative in his cock-sucking (he’s not quite the lusty deep-throater that some of the other Blake Mason guys are) but those lips of his do great wrapped around a dick! Jace, on the other hand, can hardly wait to swallow as much of James’ cock as possible. The lads get into a sixty-nine then Jace has to have one more go at James’ dick before they can get to the shag! Maybe one day they’ll let James have a chance to bottom, but not yet! He mounts Jace from behind on all fours and fucks him deep. This is James’s first time on film fucking another guy’s arsehole! Jace, being the big ol’ bottom that he is, loves every minute of it; he takes a pounding from James in missionary before climbing on to ride him as a finale. Jace literally showers James in cum before he dismounts so the big blonde can blow his load, too.

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Bulldog Pit: Jace Tyler and Koltes

Best friends and Bulldog Pit models, Jace and Koltes have not been apart since school and they always meet up on Saturday afternoons to throw a ball around in the local park. Not holding back, they tackle each other to the ground desperately trying to pull the ball away from each other. Sometimes their games can get a little too rough and when Jace is pinned to the grass he realises that Koltes has cut his lip, so they head back to Jace’s house to geta first aid kit. Jace asks if Koltes’s lip is ok and then, amazingly, he does what he has been waiting to do since high school, and kisses Koltes smack bang on the lips … and Koltes returns the kiss and does what he has only wanked about since he knew Jace and sucks Jace’s cock deep and wet. Ending up in a 69 the two friends enjoy what they have wanted to get their hands on for years. Full of passion and with all those years of wasted sexual tension to catch up on they take it in turns now to fuck each other until their holes are loose enough to take more. They slip on gloves and decide to see how much they can get in their tight boy holes. When both reach their max point they shoot hot cum over each other.

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Blake Mason: Jace Tyler and Jonny Kingdom

Jace and Jonny make a really hot couple in this intense video from Blake Mason. The guys are so obviously horny for each other, and both had seen the other in his previous videos. Things get playful after all the cock sucking, and the camera team actually wondered for a moment who was gonna end up getting a cock in his arse! Then Jace was on his front and getting his butt fucked good and hard by Jonny. Cum fans have to stay for the firework show at the end – immense is not quite the right word!

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Blake Mason: Jace Tyler and Riley Tess: Flip Fuck

The Blake Mason crew can always tell within moments when they’ve hooked up the right two guys for a hardcore shoot, and within moments of Riley and Jace getting things started they knew this was gonna be a great fuck! The cock-lust is clear as they suck each other, but when the flip-flop fucking starts it just gets even hotter! Check out the fun after the cum shots – have they made a new couple?

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