Videoboys: Jason Martin and Shawn Beliveau: Uptown Lad Cums Downtown

It’s always exciting to watch a tough guy like Shawn gently kissing another guy or licking up and down his cock. But that’s just a side show. The main attraction is when he starts fucking. And Jason is ready to take everything this construction worker has to give him. Though Jason is taller than Shawn, Shawn’s strength and dominating personality were a good match for Jason who really just wanted a good fucking. The mood is more animalistic than romantic in this duo scene from Videoboys, and that’s just what the doctor ordered. Jason was so excited his orgasm came without warning and the cum almost put out his eye.

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Videoboys: Seth Corrigan Pounds Jason Martin

Seth Corrigan first saw Jason Martin on the Videoboys site, and then immediately went to stalk him on a social media site, because he knew right away he wanted to work with him. After chatting online and getting to know each other, the thought of them fucking on camera was getting pretty exciting to both of them. But since they’re both versatile, who would fuck who? So far Seth has only bottomed on camera, but has been wanting to pound some asre to show off his top side too. So when Jason said he hoped Seth was a really good top, Seth was thrilled and jumped at the chance to have Jason ride his big dick.

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Videoboys: Jake Bass and Jason Martin

This is how Jake Bass operates. He sees a guy he likes and he gets what he wants. Jason Martin appeared on Jake’s radar a week or so before this Videoboys scene was shot. Rather than just up and ask them to arrange to shoot a scene with Jason, Jake went over their heads and contacted Jason himself to set up a “let’s get familiar” meeting which ended up at Jake’s house … two nights in a row!

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