Dominic Ford: Tate Ryder and Jeremy Stevens and Sean Duran: 2-X Double Penetration

In this scene from Dominic Ford, Tate Ryder, Jeremy Stevens and Sean Duran have an intense three-way. After meeting in the locker room of the club, Sean, Tate and Jeremy start combining their bodies in every way imaginable. First, Sean gets double penetrated. Then the action moves to the steam room and Tate gets double penetrated! The scene ends in three facials!

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Dominic Ford: Jeremy Stevens and Bryce Evans

This scene, the first in the series from Dominic Ford, begins at the Sweatbox, a sex club, and shows a number of guys coming in for a fun night. Bryce Evans is the counter boy giving everyone towels. Soon, though, his eyes begin to wander and he finds himself exploring and comes across a huge cock that is coming out of a glory hole. An intense sex scene follows in the foggy darkness of the club. Who is the owner of this magnificent cock? … It’s Jeremy Stevens! Watch as the action moves from sucking to fucking on stage … super hot man-on-man sex!

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