Blake Mason: Josh Charters and Oscar Roberts

Slim and fit twink bottom boy Oscar Roberts loves to get fucked by a real dominant guy, and the Blake Mason crew were sure the perfect combination would be to team him up with handsome Josh Charters. This guy knows how to give a boy like Oscar a really deep and rampant fucking, but not before plenty of cock sucking to build up those loads. And speaking of loads, make sure you stick around for a wet and messy ending!

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Blake Mason: Mating Season: Ep 4: Josh Charters Fucks Fraser’s Hairy Arse

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon and all of the Blake Mason: Mating Season guys decide to make the most of it. They’ve found a lake and decide to strip down to their underwear and play a game of Frisbee … but Kai’s in a naughty mood and tackles Fraser into the freezing water … later, needing to go for a piss, Fraser heads off in to the woods and Josh decides to go with him – after seeing him suck off Kai in the previous episode he wants some action himself! Of course, Fraser’s more than happy for a little bit of fun and ends up getting the cum fucked out of him!

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Blake Mason: Bradley Bishop and Josh Charters

Bradley is a blast from the past! Although he started filming with Blake Mason over five years ago, they haven’t seen him for more than a year, but they think the sight of Josh and his big foreskin covered cock had him coming back for more! It was a good thing too, because these guys are so hungry for each other it leads to a great fuck, with Bradley riding that dick and busting out his load all over Josh, then wanking him to a messy finish too!

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