Blake Mason: JP Dubois and Theo Ford and Andro Maas

The Blake Mason film crew knew this threesome just had to be done, and so did each of these hung and horny guys! JP, Theo and Andro are perfectly matched … all are endowed with big hooded uncut cocks, and each one is hungry for action. JP is first to get his hole fingered and fucked in a spit roast, gobbling on Andro while Theo fucks him, then it’s time for Andro to take his familiar place as the greedy bottom. The award for being the greediest definitely goes to JP though, who gets his hole stretched by both cocks at once in an amazing DP before the guys get themselves into a train fuck with Andro in the middle.

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UK Hot Jocks: JP Dubois and Seth Knight: Working Late

It’s been a long day in the UK Hot Jocks “OriFFICE” and Seth can’t wait to get out and get home. Thinking his day is over he pushes himself away from his desk, only to have an enormous stack of paperwork dumped in front of him. “Wha-what is this?” he mutters in disbelief. JP tells him that it all needs done by that night, no excuses. Seth objects but is told he has no choice, JP is pulling a long night too. He grumbles and pulls himself back into his station. Hours pass and he doesn’t look to be any closer to getting finished. JP takes him a cup of coffee by way of an apology … and also to soften the blow of news that all the extra work wasn’t really necessary he just needed to get Seth on his own! Flipping out, Seth goes into a rant about being mistreated. Without explanation JP tells him that he already know why he’s being kept behind, before exploding into a passionate kiss together. Clearly some tension has been building for awhile; these guys really get it on! Sucking, fucking and flip-flopping all over the office. They share and take turns on each other in every way, spit, cum and condoms fly everywhere!

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Men of UK: JP Dubois and Mark Sanz: Delivering The Goods: Part 1

Men of UK models JP Dubois and Mark Sanz get back to the head office after a long day of deliveries. Both are tired and horny, and to their surprise overhear the boss fucking someone in another room! They decide it’s time for them to also take a well-deserved break and relieve some stress with an impromptu fuck session in the back of their delivery van.

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Dominic Ford: Hans Berlin and JP Dubois: Fire Island: House Boy

Fire Island: House Boy, is the new summer series airing exclusively over at Dominic Ford and in the first Episode we get to meet the home owner, Hans Berlin, who has put up signs all around Fire Island looking for a houseboy. Among the many boys interested in the job is red-headed British hunk J.P. Dubois. But the interview process is slightly more than J.P. had bargained for, but it seems he might get the job if he agrees to getting fucked senseless before taking Hans’ load to his face!

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