TX College Boys: Kale Fucks Tyler

Kale and Tyler had gone to the same high school together, and Kale told the TX College Boys cameraman that he had always wanted to get in Tyler’s pants. Tyler had a girlfriend but was always hit on by gay guys and told he should do porn. So when Kale brought it up, it wasn’t that big of a stretch. You might think Tyler would want to take it slow for his first time with another guy, but he was ready to go all the way and have his anal virginity taken by his friend!

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TX College Boys: Tyler Reid Fucks Kale

“Ready to get fucked?” Tyler asks Kale. Kale is … and he lies back while Tyler stands by the side of the bed and slips his cock in. The TX College Boys camera got a great view of Tyler’s meat pounding Kale’s willing ass. They switch to doggie and then finally Kale rode Tyler’s cock like he was a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. While riding, Kale fingered Tyler’s hole as Tyler jerked him … very hot!

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