Menatplay: Adam Wirthmore and Leo Domenico

Menatplay model Adam Wirthmore calls in employee Leo Domenico for a meeting to discuss his failing sales targets, but things take an unexpected turn in Leo’s favour when he recognizes Adam’s distinctive ring and immediately, he gets a flashback of that very same ring worn by a stranger in a local sex club. Was it really his boss servicing his dick through the glory hole the previous weekend? Leo remembers it was an awesome blow job, so he digs deeper to find out the truth and once he has the proof he needs he blackmails his boss into letting him fuck him right there in his own office … or he’ll tell the whole office about Mr. Wirthmore’s after-hours activities.

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UK Naked Men: Leo Domenico and Adam Wirthmore

Sometime UK Naked Men model, and sometime Real Estate agent, Leo Domenico, has big plans for a particular piece of prime real estate, but he’s going to need to pull in some favours to get what he wants. Leo knows people in power and how to earn their favour; take Adam Wirthmore for example; he’s in position of power, but he’d much rather be on his knees, taking a fat uncut dick as far down his throat as he can … that is, before he starts riding it until his butt hole is exhausted and sore!

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UK Hot Jocks: The BoardMEATing

It’s another big, boring, board meeting over at UK Hot Jocks and most of the staff look as though they’re losing the will to live! Seth is leading the proceedings attended by Sam, Diesel, Leo and James. Some of the guys twiddle with their phones to pass the time, while some of the others are doing their best to feign interest in the weekly reports. Then the projector won’t work and suddenly things heat up as Seth tries to fix it he has to crawl up onto the table and show off his tight muscular butt … things just get hotter and sexier from there on in!

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