CockyBoys: Hayden Lourd and Levi Karter: Flip Flop Fuck

Hayden Lourd told CockyBoys in his first solo scene that he loves dark haired, dark skinned guys and they immediately thought of Levi Karter. Physically, they make the perfect couple. Hayden’s tall with blond hair and blue eyes, while Levi is a little shorter with brown hair and brown eyes. So after a romantic stroll through the city, the guys went back to the apartment where they gave each other blow jobs on the rooftop terrace and in the stairwell. Then they finally settled in to the bedroom for some privacy where they flip-fucked and shared some of the most passionate kissing you’ll ever see!

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CockyBoys: Levi Karter and Jacob Ladder: Flip Fuck

Meet Jacob Ladder, the newest lad to join the CockyBoys team. He’s got a dark, intense look about him that screams “pin-up model” but in person he’s got a slick sense of humour and brains to boot! Levi Karter just thought Jacob was hot, celebrity impersonations aside, and he really wanted to be the one to break him in. The guys made out for a long time … the chemistry was through the roof … and for a second it was difficult to tell who would be topping who … so they flip-fucked each other!

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CockyBoys: Levi Karter and Asher Hawk: Flip Fuck

Once the guys got naked, they started making out in front of the fireplace — which made for one very romantic setting — and Levi went straight to work sucking Asher off and rimming him. Then Levi went full force into fucking Asher, who had this grin on his face like he’d been waiting for this moment for a long time! After the guys moved to the floor and Asher rode Levi like a cowboy, Asher then surprised Levi, flipped him over, and gave him a hard pounding to seal the deal. It’s been hot to watch Levi transition from a bottom to a top over time, but there’s no denying he loves a good fuck — especially from one of his own personal favourite CockyBoys!

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CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark and Levi Karter

In every boy’s life there comes a time when the boy becomes a man. For Levi Karter, that time was when he met Gabriel Clark. Levi’s not shy about showing his attraction to Gabriel, even though they had just met for this scene with CockyBoys. When you have two such passionate guys as Gabriel and Levi in the same room it’s pretty much expected that they’re going to just get straight to it. And they do exactly that! Gabriel’s attention is all on Levi’s bubble butt and he could hardly wait to get a taste of it. Levi could only think about one thing – and that was Gabriel fucking the living hell out of him.

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