CockyBoys: Max Ryder and Max Carter: Flip Fuck

Some guys have chemistry because they are polar opposites, but others just work because they’re the same. And that’s the case with CockyBoys stars Max Ryder and Max Carter … even their names are the same! With blond hair, blue eyes, equal height, and equal builds, Max and Max could be twins. So when they met, they instantly clicked and the small talk was unnecessary. They cut right to the chase with a whole lot of kissing, sucking each other off, and then flip-fucking. Both sexually versatile, Max and Max enjoyed playing their roles equally. And just when you think one is the more dominant of the two, they’ll switch it up and work off each other’s abilities.

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CockyBoys: Angel Cruz and Max Carter

Angel Cruz is from Barcelona and is the latest new guy over at CockyBoys … and he’s HOT! Angel has a flawless body, a perfect 6 pack, and a dick to die for .. plus he’s passionate, aggressive, sweaty … the balls deep kind of hot! Max Carter was going to be paired up with him for this scene, and he was already getting horny just listening to Angel talk. His accent pretty much had Max hooked right away. He was willing to do anything Angel said. First, of course, was sucking his dick … all the way to the base. Max was definitely not holding back at any time. He was hungry for it and he couldn’t get enough of that big dick. Next, Angel wanted a taste of Max’s huge cock as well so they switched positions and Angel sucked Max just as good as Max sucked him. But the fun has just begun … check it all out below!

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CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Pounds Max Carter

What is there to say about Gabriel Clark and Max Carter besides, “why haven’t CockyBoys arranged for them to have fucked sooner?” Their chemistry is perfect … Max is a timid, sweet, blond bottom and Gabriel is an assertive and very aggressive top who likes to take control. The guys just went for it, first blowing each other in front of a window for all the world to see before Max sat gently on Gabriel’s hard cock. The moans Max made when Gabriel first entered him were extremely hot and Gabriel had a huge smile on his face as he gazed into Max’s eyes.

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CockyBoys: Dillon Rossi Fucks Max Carter

Dillon Rossi hasn’t fucked a guy in a while, so he was eager to put that thick cock of his to use again! He’s one of the most sexually versatile guys at CockyBoys, but there’s something special about him when he’s the top. With his modest, attractive personality, it’s extremely hot to see him suddenly take control and dominate another guy. And blonde twink Max Carter seemed to be the perfect bottom boy for Dillon. They’re both very different, yet their bodies complement each other so very well. No matter what position they were in … Max on top … doggy style … spooning … Dillon and Max really fit together like peas in a pod!

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