Dylan Lucas: Tyler Lakes and Oliver Star: Spring Break 2

Spring Break has begun and the time to play has started. Dylan Lucas models Tyler Lakes and Oliver Star pair off from their buddies and adjourn to their bedroom and Oliver starts out sucking Tyler’s cock. Oliver then grinds his butt against Tyler’s hard cock for a while before Tyler bends him over and rims his hole. He then fucks Oliver from behind bent over the bed. Oliver then rims Tyler’s arsehole and then fucks him on his back deep and hard. Tyler cums and then Oliver pulls out and shoots all over him.

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Dylan Lucas: Mike Monroe and Oliver Star: Big Time Crush

Dylan Lucas models Oliver Star and Mike Monroe are inside and Oliver is letting Mike know that he has had a big crush on him for a long time. Mike is flattered and surprised that Oliver didn’t tell him sooner. Oliver then starts sucking Mike’s cock. Mike then returns the favour before he moves around to rim Oliver’s arse for a while. Then Oliver rims Mike’s arse before he starts fucking Mike from behind for a while and then flips him on his back and fucks him deep and hard. He pulls out and Mike shoots his cum all over himself and then Oliver shoots his load onto Mike.

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