Bentley Race: Diego Sanchez Fucks Ryan Anderson

Bentley Race and his team were out in the Aussie bush when they found a secluded spot and Ryan and Diego (who had been fooling around in the back of the car) decided to give a bit of a show. So they jumped out and set it up as a hitch hiking scene. Ryan Anderson was the lonely hitch hiker about to be picked up by the hot top Diego Sanchez. He was about to drill Ryan from every position possible!

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Blake Mason: Mating Season: Pt 5: On The Moors With Horny Guys

Another morning and all the Blake Mason guys are just about awake, but there’s a problem – there’s no food left! Bradley, Fraser and Josh get up to go shopping and leave Kai, Matt and Riley in the tent. Knowing they may be gone for a few hours, Kai and Riley head out to find an ice cream van, leaving Matt all alone in the tent. After walking for miles it’s clear that Kai and Riley aren’t going to find anything to eat up on the desolate Moors. Instead, grumpy Kai asks Riley to give him a blowjob and slowly his mood improves – so much so that Kai gives Riley a really nice fuck and a facial full of home grown cream!

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