Bentley Race: Cody James and Perry Laroux

This is Cody James and Perry Laroux’s first hook up at Bentley Race, and what a hot scene this turned out to be! Ben had never seen this French student Perry Laroux in an action scene before and he wasn’t entirely sure how he would handle Cody’s big uncut cock. But as the photo session went really well and the guys got along really well. They teased each other and had a lot of fun … but when Cody pulled out his big cock, Perry didn’t shy away … in fact he was immediately all over it! The fucking in their video is awesome … check it out below!

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Bentley Race: Skippy Baxter and Perry Laroux

Hot on the tail of his first topping scene Skippy Baxter is keen to get in to more dominant scenes with some of the Bentley Race bottom mates. And today he’s getting it on with the hot French twink, Perry Laroux. Perry is a 20 year old student spending a year in Australia and he is just about the perfect hook up partner for this scene with Skippy. The photoshoot was fun, but not nearly as hot as the fucking session on the bed. In fact Ben thought Skippy was gonna break the bed as he rode Perry’s arse like crazy!

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