ChaosMen: Austin and Teo

Category : ChaosMen

Teo is Back! He is surely one of the most favourite of the ChaosMen models ever! Today he is here with the hairy hunk Austin for a hot sucking scene … both guys have great cocks, but Teo is an amazing performer … he loves to suck dick, and Austin can stay hard for hours. A perfect match!

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ChaosMen: Santoro and Vander: Pure

Category : ChaosMen

Santoro seems to like playing the piggy bottom boy with hung top Vander here at ChaosMen today!

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Active Duty: Ivan James and Colton Phobos and John: Raw Threesome

Category : Active Duty

This is an extremely hot encounter involving three amazing recruits over at Active Duty. Originally it was to be a duo shoot between Colton Phobos and John, but when Ivan James turned up unexpectedly, it soon turned into a scorching-hot raw threesome!

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Active Duty: Quentin Gainz and Zack Matthews: Bareback

Category : Active Duty

The Active Duty film crew knew right off the bat that this one’s goin’ down in the books! It’s just about as hot as it gets when you have veteran squad leader, Quentin Gainz, paired up with a more recent favourite, Zack Matthews. Once the lads get the go-ahead, they spend a couple minutes loosening up and fattening their dicks and then the sucking starts. Quentin has a beautiful dick, just made for sucking, and Zack ain’t no slouch in the oral department! But everyone really wanted to see Quentin sitting his arse down on Zack’s fat, raw schlong … as they weren’t disappointed … it’s a ripper fuck scene!

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