Masqulin: Brian Bonds and Lance Charger: My Hot Roommate

Masqulin model Brian Bonds lives with his older super-hot roommate Lance Charger. For months and months, Brian has been obsessed with getting Lance to let him suck his dick but never acts because of Lance’s horrible girlfriend. But on the day that Lance finds out his gf has been cheating, Brian knows it’s time to strike by showing him what he can offer with his tight bubble butt and slutty mouth.

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CockyBoys: Austin Avery and Zeke Wood

Recently CockyBoys launched “NEW DAY”, a series where their guys explore how every day can be a fresh start with an opportunity to live their lives the way they want. In episode one, they return to LA to introduce Zeke Wood in his pro porn debut with Austin Avery returning to introduce him! Zeke and Austin each had their fresh start in SoCal where they both acclimated to the free-spirited lifestyle. And though they still enjoy it, the state of the world has inspired Austin to seek deeper connections … as he does here with Zeke after a fun day at the beach. Once they’re back indoors Austin and Zeke are all over each other, making out and peeling off their clothes …

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