CockyBoys: Zach and Asher and Levi

Zach, Asher and Levi have such great chemistry together that you might as well call them brothers. They have dark hair and eyes, tan skin with tattoos, and the type of edgy attitudes that makes up all good CockyBoys. So they really enjoyed just hanging out and getting to know each other, showing off their bodies and fooling around in the pool. Zach and Asher have already shared their first hardcore scenes with each other, so they were already well acquainted before they met Levi. But Levi fit in perfectly, commenting that he loved looking at Asher’s thick dick and bubble butt and that Zach could “do whatever he wants” to him. And Levi got exactly what he wanted … in multiple ways!

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CockyBoys: Zach and Asher Hawk

Zach and Asher are completely new to the gay porn world … and both have very laid back attitudes, husky voices, dark brown hair, and chiselled bodies. Looking at them here today feels as though you are looking at a couple of guys who had been together for years. Asher couldn’t get enough of Zach’s cock which got hard immediately after he unzipped. And after swapping blow-jobs, the two headed indoors to really get down to business … and CockyBoys captured it all on film for our enjoyment!

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