Videoboys: Axel Ducharme and Jimmy Little

Did you ever have a best friend who you secretly lusted after but never dared to act on it in case they didn’t feel the same way? That’s exactly how Jimmy Little felt about his skater buddy Axel Ducharme. They’d been hanging out together for a long time but Axel always had girl friends and didn’t seem to show any interest in guys at all. But today that all changed … they spent the whole day out goofing off in the park and Jimmy started getting “vibes” from Axel that he couldn’t ignore. They did some sun bathing, played in the water, shared some ice-cream and all the while Axel was playfully touching, making suggestive jokes and just giving off a seductive vibe …so by the time they got home and were just relaxing alone together, Jimmy was about to burst. When the time seemed appropriate, Jimmy made his tentative first move. What happened next was a lot more than he had ever hoped for … and Videoboys was there to film it!

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