Videoboys: Jo Diamond and Zac Hunter: Power Fuck

Little Zac Hunter is a boy-crazy teen who knows what he wants when he sees it and he wears his horniness for all to see out on his sleeve. When he sees a guy he likes he’ll tell anyone within earshot “Oh my God, I want him to fuck me!” Videoboys reckon he’s such a cute little bundle of sexual energy he’d be the most welcome guest at a party of tops! Like Zac, Jo Diamond has a very healthy sex drive and he has a reputation around the gay village for his unbroken chain of conquests. If Jo sees a guy that he wants he finds a way to get that guy into his bed. And why not? He’s sexy as hell, very charming and has a great sense of humour. And for those guys who like tattoos, Jo is almost irresistible. So it was inevitable that these two would come together … check it out – some genuinely hot and romantic sex here!

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