Menatplay: Leo Rosso and Bastian Karim: Cine-X Chill and Play

Leo Rosso is enjoying a Menatplay movie of men having sex in suits at the exclusive MAP Cine-X. He can’t help take out his cock and start to jerk off. Young Colombian Bastian Karim arrives and sits in the row behind. As with many gentlemen before him at Cine-X, Bastian is horny and starts to play with himself. Noticing the sexy boy, Leo invites Bastian to change seats next to him. And, an afternoon office break turns into a chill and play suited fuck session!

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CockyBoys: Austin Avery and Zeke Wood

Recently CockyBoys launched “NEW DAY”, a series where their guys explore how every day can be a fresh start with an opportunity to live their lives the way they want. In episode one, they return to LA to introduce Zeke Wood in his pro porn debut with Austin Avery returning to introduce him! Zeke and Austin each had their fresh start in SoCal where they both acclimated to the free-spirited lifestyle. And though they still enjoy it, the state of the world has inspired Austin to seek deeper connections … as he does here with Zeke after a fun day at the beach. Once they’re back indoors Austin and Zeke are all over each other, making out and peeling off their clothes …

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UK Naked Men: Paddy O’Brian and Bryce Cruz

UK porn sensation and everyone’s favourite ‘straight’ lad, Paddy O Brian, is back at UK Naked Men. When Bryce Cruz can’t quite hit the spot with a big box of dildos, Paddy steps in to pound his tight hole, with his famously thick, hard dick. Bryce can’t wait to get every hole filled with Paddy-meat, and ends up taking a hot, thick sticky load of Paddy-cum all over his face.

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Blake Mason: Brez Wild and Callum Jones

It’s great to see Brez back in the Blake Mason bed, and this time the former straight lad is giving up his hot hole for Callum to slide his hard uncut cock into! Fat cock meets long cock in this double trouble scene as the guys feast on each others impressive pieces of man- meat, but it’s the butt fucking that really impresses as Callum slams the load out of Brez and then gives the hung lad a facial too!

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