CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Asher Hawk

Good-looking young CockyBoys model Asher Hawk had fantasized about Gabriel Clark for years, way before he started working in porn. So, naturally, he was almost noticeably nervous sitting naked next to his idol for the first time … but Gabriel quickly loosened him up with his signature charm and flirtation. Asher quietly mentioned he wanted Gabriel to be rough and hard with him, and that definitely made Gabriel raise an eyebrow. But, it wasn’t long before he forced his cock into Asher’s hungry mouth for a good bit, and then returned the favour before he prepped Asher’s hole with his tongue for a proper plowing!

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CockyBoys: Arnaud Chagall Gets Plowed By David Corey

Arnaud Chagall is back filming with CockyBoys, with a fellow French-Canadian new to the gay porn scene, by the name of David Corey. David knew he wanted his first scene to be with Arnaud just by looking at a picture of him, so he was definitely worked up before they finally met up in person. They’re both about the same height, have long uncut cocks, and have big muscles for an equal amount of manhandling. David especially loves rimming and Arnaud, in turn, loved spreading his legs for him before the main event. Check it out below!

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CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark and Andrew Strong

This was Andrew’s first time getting fucked by another CockyBoys model, so he was definitely getting the full experience with Gabriel … their chemistry was undeniable — after sucking each other’s cocks for a while, Andrew moved right into position for Gabriel to start plowing him. What makes Andrew such a good bottom is the way he moans each time Gabriel thrusts into him. He just sounds so natural, especially after he and Gabe both climaxed a waterfall all over his chest!

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