Boys Halfway House: James Gets Fucked

James certainly has some addiction issues. His drinking problem (most likely combined with some other substances) resulted in an aggravated assault charge on his roommate at a party. Since it was his first offence, albeit a serious one, he was placed into the care of the Boys Halfway House under court order. He was using a spare bed in a room being re-vamped, so there weren’t any other residents in his room. Once he was asleep on his first night, the House Managers decided to see what he was made of, and how badly he wanted to stay in a comfy halfway house as opposed to serving a four month sentence in jail. So they woke him up and made his strip naked, then proceeded to threaten him with removal from the house and a call to his probation officer if he didn’t shut the fuck up and go with the flow. You won’t believe what they did to this poor guy … at least this first they fucked him safely, wearing a condom … check it out below!

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