Bulldog Pit: Luke Desmond and Johny Cruz

Still super horny from fucking his new roomie, Luke Desmond is sporting a huge hard-on under his sweatpants, especially when telling fellow housemate Jonny Cruz about his latest conquest. Johny is also lover of big dicks and wants to try Luke’s, especially after hearing how he fucks hard and deep! Eager to show his own worth, he takes Luke back to his room and wastes no time in getting his knees in front of Luke. With Johny’s cute arse framed by a jock strap, and pushing back as he rests on his socked feet, he gobbles down Luke’s dick like there’s no tomorrow! After a taste of his mate’s cock, Luke gets up and guides Johny to the bed, plunging his dick over and over into Johny’s hole, opening it up for the Bulldog Pit cameras nicely, gaping wide and beckoning Luke’s shaft deep inside!

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