Active Duty: Quentin Gainz and Zack Matthews: Bareback

The Active Duty film crew knew right off the bat that this one’s goin’ down in the books! It’s just about as hot as it gets when you have veteran squad leader, Quentin Gainz, paired up with a more recent favourite, Zack Matthews. Once the lads get the go-ahead, they spend a couple minutes loosening up and fattening their dicks and then the sucking starts. Quentin has a beautiful dick, just made for sucking, and Zack ain’t no slouch in the oral department! But everyone really wanted to see Quentin sitting his arse down on Zack’s fat, raw schlong … as they weren’t disappointed … it’s a ripper fuck scene!

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Active Duty: Ivan and Quentin: Bareback Flip Fuck

Although Ivan’s still a newer recruit over at Active Duty, he seems to feel comfortable being around Quentin, who starts things off right away today by taking out Ivan’s hard cock and putting it into his warm, salivating mouth. After Quentin enjoys Ivan’s fat dick, and boy, it really is a very nice cock, Ivan goes down and returns the favour. But Ivan doesn’t wanna wait too long before fucking that sweet bubble butt. Ivan lays on his back on the bed and Quentin pushes his throbbing dick into Ivan’s tight, pink raw hole. He starts out nice and easy, but by the time they switch things up, Ivan is getting pounded pretty good … and he’s loving it. Then, when Quentin decided it was time for his own arsehole to get fucked, he climbs on top of Ivan and squeezes Ivan’s strong erection deep into his hungry hole … nice flip flop guys!

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Active Duty: Jaxon and Niko: Steamy Shower Flip Fuck

Things are already hot and steamy as this Active Duty scene opens on Jaxon and Niko in the shower. Niko looks to be in heaven as he explores Jaxon’s body, admiring it from every angle possible, and bending Jaxon over to get a good view of his perfect bottom. The guys suck cock and then proceed to have an awesome flip fuck … and in the end the guys kiss and make out after they both cum all over each other!

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