Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Sarpa Van Rider

Bentley Race never seen anyone so excited as Sarpa Van Rider when he turned up for his first shoot with muscly uncut Italian Marco Pirelli. He couldn’t sit still as he and Ben waited for Marco to arrive at the hotel. Ben and Zac made the guys strip slowly as Ben took a lot of still photos before Zac started the video filming. Marco’s fat cock was popping out of his jocks as Sarpa kept pulling at it! After much sucking on Marco’s cock Sarpa finally had his bum expertly lubed up by his new mate before getting a heavy riding. Sarpa was amazing as he rode Marco’s cock in all different ways. Eventually Marco pulled out and squirted a huge load these two exhausted mates.

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Bentley Race: Jan Peters and Gabriel Smits

The Bentley Race team were in Berlin recently and one night Ben was chatting online to this cute twink guy called Gabriel. When Ben asked him if he wanted to come around and meet up, he asked if he could bring his mate along. Sure … why not! And it turned out that his mate is Jan Peters, the hot Latvian guy Ben filmed in Berlin last year. Jan Peters normally likes to be fucked, but today he was going to bareback his cute mate Gabriel … check it out!

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Bentley Race: Ryan Anderson and Cody James

Pairing up Cody James and Ryan Anderson in this fuck video worked out even better than Bentley Race could have expected. The guys had only seen each on the website before they met up on this afternoon by the river in Melbourne. Cody is one amazing top! For a little guy he really uses that big uncut cock very well. Ryan was getting drilled by his new mate from every angle possible! And at the end Ryan gets drowned in one big cum shower.

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