Bentley Race: Cody James and Reece Anderson

18yo Reece Anderson was very keen to get in to some hot scenes with some of the Bentley Race mates. So Ben teamed him up with Cody James to show him the ropes. Reece comes to from the suburbs of Melbourne and he’s been fan of the site for a while now … and was waiting to turn 18 so he could apply to come in to do a shoot. He is incredibly fit and Cody couldn’t wait to have some fun with this newest mate.

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Bentley Race: Tate and TJ

Ben from Bentley Race is pretty excited today to post about the first duo scene with his new mate Tate Ryder. Tate is the sexy trainer from Ben’s gym who he first shot with a few weeks ago in an old office building here in the city. He liked a few of the guys on the site already and asked to be teamed up with TJ Nelson after seeing one of his recent videos. And TJ was totally up for fucking Tate when he saw a couple of pics of Tate. This video is really hot and you don’t want to miss it.

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Bentley Race: Aaron and Jake

Bentley Race model Jake Randel loves to push his bottom boys around as he fucks them in all kinds of crazy positions. Today Jake was especially horny as new comer Aaron Parker dropped by to fix Jake’s TV. When nothing can be done about the TV Jake finds something else for Aaron to fix. The hardening cock in Jake’s robe is so obvious and Aaron quickly pushes it deep into his throat. But it was the fucking of his life that Aaron wasn’t expecting …

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Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Diego Sanchez

Bentley Race kept Diego Sanchez very busy during his short visit to Australia. All Ben’s mates were lining up to get it on the action with this big dicked stud from New Zealand. Ben was taking some still shots of him with Marco Pirelli when he noticed how horny the guys were getting and he grabbed the video camera just in time and filmed one of the hottest fucking scenes ever seen on Bentley Race!

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