Big Dicks at School: The Checkup

AJ Monroe is due to get his Big Dicks at School student physical today with medical student Devin Adams at the school hospital. The physical is completely voluntary and is designed to help the medical students train, but it pays a little money as well, something that AJ could use. Devin is enjoying inspecting AJ’s body so much that he offers AJ a little extra money to examine his prostate …

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Big Dicks at School: Laundry Room Hook Up

AJ Monroe has been posting an ad all around the Big Dicks at School campus, “You want your dick sucked? Call ‘555-suck-cock’ right now!” the response has been overwhelming. AJ has even been kind enough to leave his ad in the dorm laundry room which works out great for Julian Smiles, first he is going to wash his clothes and then he is going to wash his cock off in AJ’s mouth!

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