Bulldog Pit: Steven Prior and Kayden Gray and Nathan Gear: Monster Double Cock Fuck

Keeping the party going at his place, Bulldog Pit model Steven Prior hooks up with clubbers Nathan Gear and Kayden Gray and they are soon on a dick size contest! All three buff young studs have massive dicks, but skinny young Steven wins the round by a good few inches … in length and girth! Much to the delight of big bottom boy Nathan, he’s got his wish of two giant dicks out on his sofa, both hard and both eager for action … and amazingly both fit inside his tiny arsehole at the same time … check it out!

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Bulldog Pit: John Cruz and Jason: Gym Fit Fuckers

Young Johny Cruz is changing in the Bulldog Pit gym change-room as his buddy leaves him to it. Johny, still sweaty from the workout, breathes in the scent of the locker room, and finds himself getting turned on as he slowly strips, rubbing his moist skin and his trim chest hair, down to his bulging boxers, imagining his gym buddy is back in the room and giving him one final workout for the day. As if by magic, skinhead Jason is indeed back, his tall lean body naked and ready for action, even his big dick is rock solid and ready, much to Johny’s immediate appreciation! Raising his arse to the air, Johny offers his butt to the lean hung man and it’s taken straight away and he’s flipped and fucked in every position possible. He really can’t get enough!

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Bulldog Pit: Brice Farmer and Sam Barclay: Flip Fuck

Stunning French fucker Brice Farmer teases the Bulldog Pit camera crew whilst relaxing in a Jacuzzi … his smooth, buff body glistening in the water, proudly showing off his famously thick dick, eager to get some action. Along comes Sam, the Brit stud with the luck to get his dick worshiped by the Gallic God, sucking, licking and caressing Sam’s body with those plump lips you just want to nibble on, it’s amazing the water isn’t boiling from the heat these two studs are giving off! As Brice lowers himself onto Sam’s waiting shaft, both of them work it deeper, in and out with such smooth motion you’ll be crying out to get in on the action … but when Brice flips over and rams his meat straight into Sam, it’ll be more than you can take … get the tissues ready!

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Bulldog Pit: Luke Desmond and Johny Cruz

Still super horny from fucking his new roomie, Luke Desmond is sporting a huge hard-on under his sweatpants, especially when telling fellow housemate Jonny Cruz about his latest conquest. Johny is also lover of big dicks and wants to try Luke’s, especially after hearing how he fucks hard and deep! Eager to show his own worth, he takes Luke back to his room and wastes no time in getting his knees in front of Luke. With Johny’s cute arse framed by a jock strap, and pushing back as he rests on his socked feet, he gobbles down Luke’s dick like there’s no tomorrow! After a taste of his mate’s cock, Luke gets up and guides Johny to the bed, plunging his dick over and over into Johny’s hole, opening it up for the Bulldog Pit cameras nicely, gaping wide and beckoning Luke’s shaft deep inside!

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