CockyBoys: Levi Michaels and Max Carter: Flip Fuck

Levi Michaels might be the newest addition at CockyBoys, but he’s no stranger to adult entertainment. He started out his modelling career with his clothes on, but he couldn’t resist the opportunity to do porn when a friend connected him to the industry … and naturally his handsome “good guy” looks and attitude make for an interesting contrast, especially when he’s getting fucked! In this video he is teamed up with Max Carter, and when you look at them together they seem like they could be brothers … both with their baby blue eyes and shaggy blond hair. This meeting was pretty fucking hot. Of course Max had to fuck Levi first to break him in, and Levi’s intense facial expressions proved he loved feeling Max’s cock inside him. But in the end they flipped and Levi took control and gave Max a hard pounding he won’t soon forget!

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CockyBoys: Zach and Asher Hawk

Zach and Asher are completely new to the gay porn world … and both have very laid back attitudes, husky voices, dark brown hair, and chiselled bodies. Looking at them here today feels as though you are looking at a couple of guys who had been together for years. Asher couldn’t get enough of Zach’s cock which got hard immediately after he unzipped. And after swapping blow-jobs, the two headed indoors to really get down to business … and CockyBoys captured it all on film for our enjoyment!

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CockyBoys: Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark: Flip Fuck

Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark are two guys that need no introduction to fans of CockyBoys … these are two guys that fuck like absolute animals, so how to divvy up the action between two master tops? A flip-fuck of course! Colby and Gabriel’s chemistry is on fire for this scene … both are totally into the action and loving every minute of it. Who would have thought Gabriel could ride Colby’s rod so expertly! And then Gabriel fucking the cum out of Colby … it’s a moment that you have to see for yourself!

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CockyBoys: Dillon Rossi and Jasper Robinson: Flip Fuck

Dillon Rossi and Jasper Robinson are the perfect pairing for quite a few reasons. Physically, they’re both tall, thin, have dark eyes and hair, and big cocks. And mentally, they’re both very charming, laid back, and have had quite a few sexual experiences in public places. So naturally, they were both excited to go outdoors for their first sexual encounter together with CockyBoys. The Spring setting made for an extremely romantic setup, and the chemistry they had together was so good that they both shared equal time sucking and getting sucked and topping and bottoming each other. There’s nothing hotter than two versatile guys exploring all sexual roles with each other, and Dillon and Jasper were exactly that!

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