Drill My Hole: Braxton Cruz and Malik Delgaty and Trent King: Trooper Bangers: Pt 2

Drill My Hole models Braxton Cruz and Trent King find Malik Delgaty polishing his boots. The troops head to the shooting range, and as Malik shoots and Trent calls out the headings. Braxton takes out his hard cock and sticks it in Trent’s mouth, then fucks him from behind. When Malik notices what his fellow troops are up to, he puts his boner through the divider for Trent to suck as the bottom rides Braxton! The horny soldier fucks Trent doggy-style, then the bottom rides him till they cum.

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Drill My Hole: Angel Rivera and Johnny Donovan: Crossfire

Drill My Hole models Johnny Donovan and Angel Rivera just can’t keep their hands off each other, kissing sensually and undressing each other on the couch. Angel sucks the top, then Johnny rims the bottom before telling him to sit back down on his rock-hard dick. Angel rides the bearded hunk, then Johnny fucks him doggy-style before pounding that hole till the bottom cums. Johnny pulls out and shoots a hot load, then slips his cock back inside because he can’t get enough of that hole!

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Drill My Hole: Enzo Muller and Leo Louis: Beaux Are Hoes: Pt 3

After their little detours with their dates’ brother and dad, secret boyfriends Leo Louis and Drill My Hole model Enzo Muller are finally in the limo with the girls on the way to the prom. After the good music and the party atmosphere make them get a little carried away, the guys start kissing each other and even take their dicks out! The girls bail, and Enzo sucks Leo, then the top rims him before fucking him missionary on the backseat.

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Drill My Hole: Enzo Muller and Malik Delgaty: Beaux Are Hoes: Pt 1

Enzo Muller and his boyfriend, Drill My Hole model Leo Louis, don’t want anyone to know they’re dating, so they’re bringing a pair of sisters to the senior college prom. Enzo wants to sneakily play as they’re taking pictures with their dates, but Leo shuts him down … so Enzo goes upstairs and walks in on his date’s brother, Malik Delgaty, jacking off! Malik is happy to get his dick sucked, and then he fucks Enzo doggy-style. The bottom gives a gleeful grin and the finger when Leo walks in on them, then rides Malik and takes it deep in missionary before taking a creampie and a facial, then jacking off till he cums.

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